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Baby Boomers Hit Hard by Age Discrimination In The Work Place

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Although the continuing slow-moving economy is having an effect on workers of all ages, it is particularly hitting the baby boomers hard.  Pursuant to recent unemployment numbers by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate nationwide is approximately 7.3 percent.  The unemployment rate for baby boomers aged 55 and older is 5.4 percent which is twice as many as before the recession.  Today, there are nearly 2 million baby boomers looking for jobs.

According to the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, workers aged 55 and older were not as detrimentally affected in past recessions.  In the 1990s, the unemployment rate for people aged 55 and older topped off at 5 percent.  In the summer of 2010, this rate was 7.4 percent.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics says it takes a person 55 or older almost twice as long to find a job compared to those aged 25 to 35.

Baby boomers that are still employed are doing fairly well but employees who have suffered layoffs  are experiencing extended stretches of unemployment.  In addition, when they do find a new job, they are taking an average hefty 18 percent pay cut. Unemployment for individuals over 55 also trickles down and affects retirement savings or lack of savings thereof.  Almost half of potential baby boomer employees need a job to make ends meet according to a survey by the Associated Press – NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Baby boomers are also burdened with the emotional aspect of having valuable experience and knowledge to contribute to the workforce but without a job they do not have the opportunity to do so.

Age discrimination is likely the main reason that unemployment is so high among baby boomers. It is suggested that potential employers feel older workers lack the technical and digital expertise of their younger counterparts.  In addition, employers’ assessments of older workers include higher costs of keeping that employee with less productivity.

Many baby boomers, with and without employment, believe that they have been discriminated against because of their age.  In an AP-NORC survey, baby boomers revealed that some of them have been excluded from a promotion or further training.  When they do succeed in obtaining an interview, and the potential employer notices how old they are, the game changes. Some of these baby boomers feel that when a potential employer asks them about their personal life they are not really interested in finding out about them but are looking to find out how old they are.  Employers are not supposed to ask about your birth date.  Instead, they ask questions such as when you graduated from high school to try to find out the information they seek.

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