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Common Types of Age Discrimination

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Age discrimination occurs when an employee or job applicant receives less favorable treatment based on how old they are. Though state and federal laws, such as the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), prohibits this against those aged 40 and older, employees and job candidates across the country still experience age discrimination’s negative effects.

The ADEA bans discrimination in all aspects of employment. This encompasses hiring and firing; salary, benefits and promotions; training and job assignments; and any other terms related to the work. It also applies to employment policies and practices. If they have a negative impact on employees or applicants aged 40 and older, it may be deemed illegal. The ADEA also makes it illegal to harass people because of their age. It can come from a co-worker, client, customer, or supervisor, and includes making derogatory or offensive comments about the person’s age or creating a hostile work environment.

Examples of Age Discrimination

Some employers attempt to discourage applicants over a certain age from applying for jobs. They may use coded language in job postings and target those listings to certain social media sites that only have younger audiences. To save money, some employers will pass over hiring or promoting a highly qualified staff member and give it to a younger employee with less experience. Age discrimination can also encompass job elimination; the employer will not say they are firing the worker but will instead eliminate the title. Soon after, they may rename the position with a new title and hire a younger applicant. Layoffs are also commonly used in these situations; companies have been known to encourage or push older employees toward early retirement. This can be especially tricky if the offer is not good or if the only alternative is termination.

Combatting Age Discrimination

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reported in a survey that around 60 percent of older workers stated that they witnessed or experienced age discrimination. Ninety percent of them also reported that it happened frequently. The following are suggested ways to combat ageism in the workplace:

  • Design ways for workers of different ages to work together. Intergenerational teams can provide unique insights to workplace challenges.
  • Some feel that a mandatory retirement age should be abolished because age is not a reliable way to judge a worker’s employability or productivity.
  • Employees and applicants can invest in their continued growth and development. Being well read about industry topics and attending meetings can keep workers current on best practices.

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