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The employment lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates have worked extremely hard to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients. Feedback from clients and other lawyers is very important to us.

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November 26, 2016Sidney Gold & Associates seem to do everything right. They take the time to get to know you and “hear you out” — an important consideration when one’s self-esteem has taken a beating in the workplace. An expert in employment law, he is also tough, shrewd but pragmatic, and will make your adversary his adversary despite any prior relationships he may have had. In short, I am describing an ethical and expert attorney — a true “Philadelphia lawyer” — and you’d be foolish to look any further.

– Client

September, 23, 2016

I had an issue with a former employer. The Gold firm worked efficiently to gather all the information needed to present my case. They got me a settlement without having to go to court. I would recommend them if you have an employee/employer dispute.

– Client

May 31, 2016

I would like to put in a good word about Valerie and law clerk Eric Alkon. 

Dear Valerie,

I want to thank you so very much for representing me when my job was “eliminated” and with regard to the severance package that was offered. I felt comfortable sharing with you the complexities of my case and knew I was in great hands when we first met. I appreciate that you and law clerk Eric Alkon took the time to get the full picture and I know you did your best to obtain a favorable outcome.


– Client 

April 21, 2016

Dear Mr. Gold,

We would like to express our extreme gratitude to you for the topnotch, insightful, compassionate and highly professional legal services you recently provided to us during our resolution of a critical and pressing legal matter. There is nothing more important than finding an expert legal advocate to guide and assist when negotiating a situation involving something as sensitive as sexual harassment by a University professor. As lawyers ourselves, we performed much research prior to selecting you, an expert in this field, to provide us with legal consult and services. You came to us highly recommended, from numerous sources. Your reputation within the legal community precedes you as being the most accomplished and talented Plaintiff’s (victims) discrimination lawyer in Philadelphia, one who has vast expertise in the area of sexual harassment litigations and/or negotiations, who will pursue representation/advisement of a legal matter in a way that benefits your client the most in reaching his/her personal goals. We had been advised that you are a talented and masterful legal bull dog, one who will not quit in fighting for the rights of your clients, be it through reaching a negotiated settlement or bringing a case to trial.

Our own personal experience with you supports every recommendation that we had received about you. It is all true. Thank you for reworking your own schedule to provide us with an initial consult, when you became aware that time was of the essence. You provided us with your (and your Associate’s) undivided attention for a lengthy initial consultation, while hearing the story, validating claims from a legal standpoint and providing us with your initial recommendations on how best to proceed. Being lawyers ourselves, we know the value of your time, and know that this is not the level of service most lawyers provide in an initial consult. We also know the great value of a shrewd, brilliant lawyer, who is top in his field and on top of his game as a fierce adversary. Another critical piece to the puzzle, that we soon learned about you, is that you care so incredibly much about fighting on behalf of an individual that you feel has been wronged, the underdog, and are very passionate about making a victim feel affirmed and heard, and a University (or a company) accountable in the case where you determine that Federal laws have been breached and a legal cause of action exists. You also have vast experience handling sensitive legal issues with the discretion and care required. Equally important is your ability to assess the overall picture from a legal standpoint, and to file a lawsuit on a behalf of a client or encourage trying to first reach a negotiated settlement, if, and only if, you feel that it might be in the best interest of the individual involved. You have shown us personally that you are not about the money, you are about providing the best legal advice and service. You are about helping someone who has legitimately been wronged.

You are an awesome person and top legal advocate, Mr. Gold. We are so thankful that we have you in our legal corner moving forward.

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Sincerely Yours,

Choosing Anonymity due to sensitive nature of this existing claim


Mr. Gold:

I wanted to send you a short note regarding my experience with your firm during the resolution of a recent matter. 

First, I want to thank you personally for your time during our initial consultation,   I am very grateful you care enough about your clients to invest the amount of time you did to listen to my story.

Second, I want to comment that Ms. Vanguri was a pleasure to work with,  it was obvious to me that she is a subject matter expert in her field, and I appreciated her counsel throughout the process.

Finally, every interaction with your staff over the past 12-14 months has been an example of consummate professionalism.

Thank You Sir,

Anthony P.

Director, Information Security and Compliance


I wanted to at least give you something to let you know how appreciative I am of your support during my employment transition. More than just sharing your legal counsel and expertise, your personal guidance and treatment of Jen, I and the kids as extended family means a lot to us. My father passed when I was in my twenties, so anytime an older male figure takes an interest in me and my family’s well-being, I feel especially grateful.

Thanks Again,”

Christian, Client


I just wanted to take the time to thank you and your co-workers for all of your help throughout the past few months. I am currently healthy and able to make up my clinical hours this month, which in turn will allow me to graduate on time (May 2016) just as planned. That would not have been possible without your time and assistance. It was definitely a struggle to be able to get to where I am and I am extremely grateful that you were able to help me.

thank you again,
C. D., Client

Sid Gold’s rightfully heralded expertise, vast knowledge and formidable insight provided me with topnotch representation when I needed it. His depth of experience only enhanced  the incredible “package” of positive traits he offered me as his client, tied together with respect, integrity and forthrightfulness.

M.E., client

Hi Valerie, hope you are well. You and Sid were absolutely wonderful to me and got me through 2 very hard years of figuring out my discrimination case. 

In my employee discrimination case I was extremely happy with the result that you and Sid won for me. When I first walked into your offices, you made me feel important from the start and make me truly understand the unlawful actions that happened to me. At no time did you make me feel like I was blowing things out of proportion or not justified for how I was feeling. Valerie, you were just amazing~constantly keeping me informed and staying on top of deadlines at all times. Your thoroughness and attention to detail is unparalleled. You took the legal verbiage and explained it piece by piece to me in layman terms and made sure I understood all the processes we went through. After 2 years, our case ended in a positive settlement which was aggressively handled by Sid and Valerie.

Thank you for all you did for me. As I know it’s in the past now, I could not have gotten through it without you both and hope that the employer learned a valuable lesson.

Take care.

Forever in your gratitude,

H.W.Z., Client

I felt that I had been a victim of age discrimination and asked a lawyer friend of mine in DC who I should contact … he referred me to Sidney Gold …

As part of my severance I was provided 30 days to find another job prior to being officially terminated … over that time Sidney was a welcomed confidante as I was in unchartered waters … we communicated over emails, the phone and two face to face meetings … on weekends and after hours … we worked via a running summary of the case over those 30 days …

As it turned out my employer changed course in those 30 days and offered a better severance package … Sidney and I met and he counseled me not to press and to accept the package, stating the pros and cons of the decision … I was satisfied feeling we had done the proper due diligence and that I understood his rationale …

Each step of the way I felt at ease as Sidney turned out to be one of the most personable and ethical professionals I have ever worked with …

On my way out of his office the ‘last time’ we agreed that I had found ‘my lawyer’ …


D. K., Client

“Good morning Sidney, 

 I met you a little over a year ago with my wife. I had spoken to you in regards to a potential claim against Allstate. I left you a brief message about how thankful I am for what you said about me. I appreciate it very much, I am very happy where I am right now. I currently am working in Freehold and I am doing very well.

I kept your business card at hand because I knew when I did well with myself I wanted to reach out to you to tell you. Thank you so much for being such a genuine person!

Best Regards, “

P.O., Client

Dear Mr. Gold,

I would like to express my gratitude to you for assisting me with the resolution of my employment termination with Elizabeth Johns and the graciousness with which you listened to my story and became my advocate. Your kindness and empathy to my situation restored my confidence and enabled me to channel my energy in a new and positive direction with my position at The Wedding Shoppe. I hope that you will enjoy this small token of my appreciation.

With warm regards,”

-P.W., Client

“I highly recommend Mr. Gold and his firm.  The firm was professional, strategic and trustworthy during my engagement period with them. Sid is a true professional and worthy of his top national lawyer rankings he had earned over the years.”

Dean Evans, Client (Entrepreneur and previous CMO Subaru of America)

“Sid Gold is a pillar of our local legal community and perhaps the best-known Plaintiff’s employment lawyer in the City of Philadelphia. He deserves it. He is smart and talented and his long years of practice are evident in the comfort he displays when executing every litigation task and his velvet smooth delivery of perfect arguments and advocacy. It is always a pleasure to have him or his firm on the other side of a case.”

James Bell, Esq.


How do you thank someone who gives you hope when you can’t find it anywhere else in your life?

How do you thank someone who holds you up so you are able to stand tall against someone that hurt you when you don’t have the strength to stand on your own?

How do you thank someone for fighting for you, believing in you, and giving you your life back when you seemed to have lost all faith in what you have always held dear?

These are the questions that I ask myself when I think about how to thank you, Sid. I want to thank you for your patience with me. Thank you for guiding me to the most positive outcome in our case. Most importantly thank you for your belief in me and for standing by me. You changed my life and I am very grateful to you.

Today I received a letter from a former student and I was reminded of a lesson I often taught the students. I wanted them to learn that heroes change the world one courageous act at a time. Students learned that heroes are ordinary people who do extraordinary things. As I was reading her letter today I thought of you and how you fit this definition perfectly.

Take good care, Sid. Thank you again, for everything.”

– M.N., Client

“Mr. Gold,

Just a quick note of Thanks.  I wanted to extend my sincere appreciation for your help in letting me out of my No Compete clause. Your knowledge and skill is remarkable. Thank you again for all your help.”

– A.G., Client

 “As a long-term, outstanding employee at a major employer in Philadelphia, I became the target of a new leadership team who were discriminating against me due to age.  Based on numerous recommendations I received when I was seeking Legal Counsel, I contacted Sidney Gold and Associates.  The team led by Sidney were consummate professionals who advised me on what my options were and supported me through this process.  Although my case did have a happy ending and I’m still employed by my organization, if it hadn’t been for their sage advice, understanding and support I would not have achieved this outcome.  I would highly recommend them for any individual facing a discrimination case.”

– Client

“Dear Sid,

Words cannot begin to express how lucky we were to have you represent us. Thank you for all of your hard work and your patience with us.”

– L & K, Clients

“Dear Sid,

When I think of what you’ve done for me, I am speechless. During my entire life, others have taken advantage of me; I have never had a voice. You took a risk, and allowed me to have a voice – to be heard, for the first time. I could never have stood up and do what I needed to do without the support of you, Bill, and Dr. Kelly. You all helped me take the next step when I didn’t have the strength or ability on my own. My faith in God has always guided me, and I know that God led me to you.

My experience working with you and Bill is sharply contrasted to working with my former attorney. In your practice, I was consistently treated with respect and dignity. Professionalism, courtesy, and efficiency reign in your office. In addressing the most painful experience of my life, my dealings with you, Bill, and your staff were like a soothing balm.

I have a long road a head of me to full recovery. The last two and a half years of my life were lost. Slowly, I will work at regaining my health, and hopefully will be able to re-engage in my studies and have a full and satisfying educational experience. As a result of my experience, I have lost my ability to trust. However, you and Bill have restored a bit of that. One day at a time, I am determined to fully recover.

You’ve made a difference.

With Sincerest Gratitude,”

R. M., Client

Sidney L. Gold and Associates is an outstanding Employment Law firm. They are consistently ranked as the best Employment Law Firm in Pennsylvania, and Mr. Gold is consistently honored as a Super Lawyer. These accolades are well deserved, for many reasons, as I discovered first-hand in my case. First, they provided me with a free and thorough initial consultation. This is their standard practice. Many other firms demanded upwards of $500 for an initial consultation, with no assurance that they would even accept me as a client. You can count on Sidney L. Gold and Associates to give you a free HONEST and REALISTIC assessment of your situation. If your chances of prevailing are actually very low, this will be explained to you. (Some firms, badly in need of clients, seem to be willing to take any case regardless of the merits. The LAST THING you want to do is pay legal fees in a case where you actually stand little or no chance of winning. See Sidney L. Gold and Associates first and you will not have to worry about this happening. There are a few unfavorable Google reviews of Mr. Gold and his firm; I suspect these are from people who were told the truth regarding their situation and their realistic options, and that this was not what they wanted to hear.) Once I became their client, Sidney L. Gold and Associates took the time to really listen and understand my situation. Some other firms either concluded prematurely that I was wasting my time, while others suggested some immediate course of action before even considering many of the relevant details of my situation. (The devil is in the details, as they say!) In due course, working together, a realistic strategy was developed. If your situation has a chance of being resolved favorably, Sidney L. Gold and Associates is the law firm that can succeed, even in complicated situations that other firms are not capable of handling. As events in my case unfolded, Mr. Gold and Associates worked diligently on my behalf, and made sure that they thoroughly understood my somewhat unusual and complex situation. They stayed on top of my situation and adapted their approach as events progressed. All parties involved obtained a clear understanding of the situation, and of the reasonable options available. All parties could evaluate the matter from fully informed points-of view. In the end, a just and fair solution was reached in a professional manner that was acceptable to all. This result has afforded me the opportunity to prepare for a new professional career (now progressing successfully) without having to face the undue financial hardships that would have occurred had I “gone it alone”, or hired the wrong law firm. The experience, knowledge and client dedication of Mr. Gold and his firm made it possible for me to make a new start in life. Seeking the best legal representation possible in employment matters is one of the best decisions a person could ever make, and Sidney L. Gold and Associates are the best.

-K.C., Client

Sid Gold not only has many years of experience and expertise in employment and discrimination law, he also provides expert guidance in a straightforward, practical and compassionate manner. He truly cares for his client’s best interests. 

– G.F., Client

Working through my severance agreement with a difficult employer was an emotional and trying time. I contacted the office of Sidney Gold & Associates for representation in reviewing and negotiating my severance agreement. From the very first phone discussion with Sid, I knew I was in good hands. All aspects of my case were handled personally by Sid in an extremely professional and compassionate manner. He promptly responded to my calls/emails and I felt as though our line of communication was always open. Upon reviewing various sections of the agreement and explaining my concerns to Sid, he suggested a solid course of action that resulted in a fantastic outcome! Sid was single-handedly responsible for restoring my sense of balance during this difficult experience and I know that he will be there to fight for me in the future, should the need arise. Thank you so much for your help! 


I was asked to layoff two people in my department. Given I was working 11-14 hour days and had planned to start a job search in the near future, I chose myself. Fortuitously, a director took a job offer from a competing company so I did not have to layoff anyone else. I needed an employment lawyer to assist me in assessing the fairness of the severance package I was offered. I asked a number of people. Both Ben Post, Esq. of Post & Post, a defense attorney I worked with, and A.S., a client of Andrew Lewis of LPL Financial, recommended Sid Gold. Mr. Gold accepted emails and calls, giving timely direction, and met with me to review the severance agreement. He was honest, direct and to the point. I wish I had consulted with him before I chose myself to layoff. It would not have changed my decision, but it might have increased my severance package. I would highly recommend Sidney L. Gold & Associates. 

– L.J.R., Client


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