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Artificial Intelligence to Detect Discrimination

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Philadelphia employment discrimination lawyers looks at AI to help detect discrimination.Both conscious and subconscious bias and discrimination happen frequently in workplace settings. Now, artificial intelligence (AI) may help companies avoid unfair hiring and compensation practices using smarter, more relevant algorithms. Already, sophisticated AI helps organizations around the country make talent decisions. For instance, many human resources departments use AI-empowered software to evaluate job candidates. When an applicant submits information into the system, the information is evaluated by AI to determine if the applicant deserves a second look. This frees up recruiters’ time and energy. However, some scientists worry that it can lead to discriminatory practices.

The problem comes with the historical data used to create the evaluating algorithms. A prime example of this would be a corporation that traditionally hired all men in a certain role. Because the AI software is trained to look at historic data points, it could incorrectly assume that the role is for male applicants. Thus, all female applicants would be removed from the interview pile before human eyes had the chance to intervene.

Fortunately, just as AI can unknowingly contribute to gender or racial bias, it can also become a means to identify discrimination at its core. East coast university researchers studying the possibility of using advanced AI to detect bias have shown that with the right programming, AI systems can flag discriminatory decisions, such as paying women less than men. If the AI system has enough data, it can notice that pay rates are not flush between candidates with the same skill set and experiences. Therefore, the AI program may be able to help companies become aware of bias so they can stamp it out.

The Future of AI in the Workplace

Bias and discrimination affect a wide swath of workers. Many employees seek out the help of lawyers who regularly help victims of workplace discrimination recover damages through legal means. AI software could conceivably be utilized in the future to provide evidence in courtroom cases involving bias. This would prove exciting for employees who experience discrimination but worry that they will have an uphill battle to make their case.

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